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AFT Sawmill has been in operation since 1978. It was born out of necessity as the source for lumber for the A. F. Theriault & Son Ltd. boatyard in Meteghan River, Nova Scotia. AFT buys logs from all areas of western Nova Scotia and produces 2-3 million board feet per year of green and kiln dried lumber.

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Lewis Mouldings

Lewis Mouldings is a leader in the Eastern White Pine value added industry. They provide a wide variety of finger jointed, solid and edge glued Eastern White products as well as blanks and clear cut stock.


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Great Northern Timber is a privately owned Canadian company formed in 1988 to manufacture and export forest products from Eastern Canada. Products include woodchips, pulpwood, logs and biomass. Associates and agents represent GNT and provide marketing support in Europe, the USA, and Asia.


Northern Pulp

Northern Pulp

Located in Pictou County, Nova Scotia, Northern Pulp manufactures 280,000 tonnes of Kraft pulp annually, primarily for export. Customers around the world are supplied with pulp to manufacture common household products such as tissue, towel and toilet paper, writing and photo copy paper. Since start up in 1967, Northern Pulp has earned and maintained a reputation as one of North America’s leading manufacturers of northern bleached Kraft pulp.


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Freeman Lumber

Freeman Lumber is one of the oldest family-run sawmill businesses in North America. Our first sawmill in Greenfield, Nova Scotia was established in 1832 when the village was settled. Today, they produce approximately 70 million board-feet of lumber and value added lumber products annually.


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J.A. Turner

J.A.Turner and Sons Ltd. is a family owned sawmill located in West Northfield, Lunenburg County, Nova Scotia. J.A Turner and Sons has been producing quality lumber at this location for over 40 years. The sawmill was started by brothers Owen and Harris Turner and is now owned and operated by two of Owen’s children, Wade Turner and Gail Mercer.



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Hefler Quality Lumber has been locally owned and operated in Middle Sackville, NS since 1866. From the very beginning, Hefler has strongly believed in the value of being a sustainable and environmentally friendly company. Every ton of logs delivered to the facility is converted to lumber, energy and ash (mineral), which is used in agriculture.

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Ledwidge Lumber

Ledwidge Lumber has been in business for over 70 years. What started out as a one-man operation cutting shingles, turned into one of Nova Scotia's largest lumber producers. Their primary product produced is 7-9 foot SPF lumber in 2x3, 2x4, 2x6, and 2x8 dimensions. Some specialty products and many byproducts are made as well as there is no waste in today's sawmill. 




Groupe Savoie

Founded in 1978, Groupe Savoie has carved an enviable reputation as a leading producer of a wide range of top-quality hardwood products, including pallets and pallet components, cabinet and furniture components, hardwood lumber, tone wood components, ecological fuels, wood chips, and more. They harvest and acquire wood, which is then optimally processed and transformed into top-quality hardwood products for a variety of applications.



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The Scotsburn Lumber Sawmill was formally established by the Gammon family in the early 1940s and currently provides employment to 80 rural Pictou County families. Scotsburn Lumber is one of the most modernized sawmill operations in Nova Scotia.

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Louisiana Pacific

A global leader in engineered wood products, LP has been delivering innovative building products for over 40 years.


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Elmsdale Lumber

Elmsdale Lumber Company Limited (ELCO) is situated in Hants County, Nova Scotia and is a fourth generation, family owned and operated sawmill.  It was incorporated in 1950 and annually produces 25 -26 million board feet of premium spruce lumber.  They specialize in wane free products and the balance of their production is boards and timbers.


Maurice Bruhm Ltd.

Cornwall, Nova Scotia.

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Harvest Operation Maps

The Nova Scotia Department of Natural Resources has granted short-term licenses to several mills to harvest fibre in the province's Western Crown Lands. The DNR has since provided maps indicating where harvest operations are planned and what harvesting methods will be used.

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